My Million Dollar Mom Accepted Into Filmmakers Collaborative
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My Million Dollar Mom Accepted Into Filmmakers Collaborative
Organization helps independent film producers around the world
Author: Ross Schriftman

(PHILADELPHIA) My Million Dollar Mom, a film based on Ross Schriftman’s book by the same name that deals with a mother who has Alzheimer’s, the son who cares for her and issues of choice and sacrifice, is now part of Filmmakers Collaborative. The mission of Filmmakers Collaborative is to support the independent media community through fiscal sponsorship, as well as through programs that bring filmmakers together for learning and networking.

My Million Dollar Mom is an endearing drama inspired by real events. When an aging mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, her son steps forward to care for her.  Her needs are so great that he must decide whether to give up his last chance for high political office, something she wanted so much for him, or instead honor a promise he made to her years ago to care for her and be by her side at the end of her life.

My Million Dollar Mom demonstrates the profound impacts Alzheimer’s has on those who suffer from this devastating illness and their families.  Careers are disrupted and finances are depleted. Family members become emotionally and fiscally drained as they watch as their loved ones' lives slip away.  There is no cure… yet.  The film will take audiences into the lives of one wonderful mom and her son as they face this challenge with dignity, love and even joy.

My Million Dollar Mom poignantly demonstrates that despite their affliction, people with Alzheimer’s still have their point of view and offer a rich lifetime of experiences that can help

others in their time of need. The life lesson of caring for one another through Tikkun Olam (the Hebrew expression for repairing the world) is the theme of our story.

Ross Schriftman, author, screenwriter and producer of My Million Dollar Mom, hopes that the film will raise awareness about Alzheimer’s as he and others commit to finding a cure.  As the Alzheimer’s Association states, “The first person to be cured is out there.” Schriftman said, “I’m so pleased and grateful that Filmmakers Collaborative chose my film to be a part of the roster of projects that they support. This will help us with both funding and production.  I’m looking forward to a productive partnership with Filmmakers Collaborative.” Schriftman and his team are focused on acquiring enough funds by the end of March so that production can begin early next summer.

Filmmakers Collaborative is unique in the world of independent media because it is a member organization and accepts and administers contributions made to members’ projects. Filmmakers Collaborative monitors reports to ensure that grant funds are spent in accordance with funder requirements and acts as the liaison between foundations and filmmakers. In addition, the organization offers help with every phase of media production. Laura Azevedo, Executive Director of the Filmmakers Collaborative stated, “Filmmakers Collaborative is proud to act as fiscal sponsor for the feature film, My Million Dollar Mom. With over five million Americans currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, we are thrilled to be partnering with the production team to help them to get this important film made.” Azevedo continued, “Audiences will become more aware of not only the realities of living with the disease, but also the effects that it has on the millions of others acting as caregivers to those suffering.” To learn more about Filmmakers Collaborative visit

About My Million Dollar Mom
Based on the book of the same name by Ross Schriftman, My Million Dollar Mom is a film about a loving mother who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the devoted son who steps forward to care for her. The script for the film was selected as a semi-finalist in Story Pros' screenwriting contest in the drama category.  

Schriftman’s production company is partnering with the Alzheimer’s Assocation Delaware Valley Chapter in an effort to promote awareness and raise funds for research and family support services.  After the film is produced, Schriftman plans to show it locally and hold discussions with audiences about the issues surrounding Alzheimer’s. Schriftman’s ulimate goal is to release the film to a worldwide audience.

This film is directed by Rose Glaeser, director of films such as Terra and The Earth and Foundations and assistant director and a creative consultant for the web series 59 Days in New York.

More information can be found at and or by contacting Ross Schriftman at

Editor’s Note: Interviews are available with Ross Schriftman, representatives from Filmmakers Collaborative and members of the film’s cast. To schedule and interview, please contact Debbie Goetz Media Connections at 215-630-5408 or email Debbie Goetz at

Photo Caption (Photo Courtesy of Ross Schriftman): My Million Dollar Mom is a film that tells the story of Shirley Schriftman, a loving mother who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and the devoted son who steps forward to care for her.  Pictured are Shirley and Ross Schriftman.