Skip's Candy Corner to Partner with Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs on Dog Treat Fundraiser
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Skip's Candy Corner to Partner with Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs on Dog Treat Fundraiser

Skip's Candy Corner, located in Peddle's Village, announced it will support Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs (RRTD) with a fundraising initiative now through 2016.  A long-time supporter of local community and civic organizations, Skip’s Candy Corner has pledged 10 percent of its proceeds from the sale of the store’s hand-dipped dog treats to support the work of therapy dog teams in area schools, hospitals, and courthouses.

“We have always been supportive of charities that benefit animals.  We are a family of animal lovers,” states Kimberly Pietrak, co-owner of Skips Candy Corner in Lahaska, PA.  According to Pietrak, Skip’s Candy Corner’s dog bones with white coating are a very popular gift item year round, but especially during the holiday season.

Pietrak became familiar with RRTD through Gayman Elementary School in Central Bucks School District where therapy dogs visit the classrooms in support of literacy efforts.  “My son attends Gayman Elementary School and has a severe nut allergy and has a trained service dog that is able to detect peanut and tree nuts.   I was so pleased when I found out that Roxy Reading was involved with his school.

Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs started its therapy dog program in the Central Bucks School District 10 years ago when its first teams of therapy dogs visited classrooms at Gayman Elementary to support young readers and children with special needs.  Today, it has therapy teams in more than 13 elementary  schools and also provides therapy dog support in both hospital and courthouse settings.

“We know that there is a tremendous need for funding to support these kinds of programs to help children in need in the classroom, hospitals and the courthouse,” adds Pietrak.  “Since Roxy is 100% volunteer based we know that everything we donate will go directly to the cause and we love that all of their work is performed in the local community.

“We are excited for the opportunity to be involved with Roxy Reading and we know that Skip's customers will be happy that a percentage of their purchases will be directed to such a worthy cause.”

About Roxy Reading Therapy Dogs (RRTD)

Roxy Reading is a donation dependent 501 c 3  whose registered pet therapy teams promote literacy in schools, deliver comfort to children navigating the court system, bring relief to young victims of violent crimes, provide support to Doylestown Hospital pediatric patients and medically fragile youth residing in group homes.