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Gardening Guide

The Ambler area has some of the most quaint and beautiful gardens around. We have a lot of green thumbs here and want to encourage more! This page contains gardening resources to help you get on your way. You should also check some of our dedicated nature sites, including butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies. In addition, Rick Mikula is a well-known butterfly lecturer who has entertained many local children.

Local GardensLOCAL GARDENS - Creating outdoor spaces is an ever changing labor of love. We have collected a list of local gardens to inspire you.

Garden CentersGARDEN CENTERS - Check out our list of garden centers and nurseries to help you create a special garden of your own!

Native Plant SalesNATIVE PLANT SALES - If you are interested in native plants, the following organizations have annual plant sales: Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve, Churchville Nature Center, Bucks County Master Gardeners, Montgomery County Master Gardeners, Unitarian Universalist Church of the Lehigh Valley.

Garden EventsGARDEN EVENTS - Check out our list of upcoming gardening-related events in the area.

Garden ClubsGARDEN CLUBS - See if there's a local garden club near you!

Garden ClubsBUCKS BEAUTIFUL - Learn about the amazing Bucks Beautiful beautification program!

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Gardening Articles

Garden with Native PlantsNATIVE PLANT GARDENING - Add beauty, butterfiles and birds to your backyard landscape. Learn how to garden with native plants >

Vegetable GardeningVEGETABLE GARDENING - Tips for extending your harvest beyond the growing season.

Local GardensPLIGHT OF THE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES - The North American monarch population has declined by 90 percent over the past two decades due to climate change and habitat loss. While we can’t immediately control climate, we can help to increase their habiltat. The key to saving the monarch, is the milkweed plant. Milkweed is the only food plant that the monarch caterpillar can eat. Unfortunately, milkweed plants are disappearing all across the US. CLICK HERE to find out more about how to help monarchs.

Guest Writer Articles

Four Reasons You Should Buy Organic 7/19/19 by Mollie Wilson. If you’ve been debating on going organic with your food choices, here are four reasons to seriously consider diving right in.

How to Protect Your Garden from the Heat During the Summer 6/21/19 by Bethany Seton. Summer is the time when your garden should have flowers blooming with vegetables flourishing and fruit ripening. But a poorly protected garden could shrivel away when the weather becomes too hot.

Seven Interesting Backyard Makeover Tips for This Spring 5/16/19 by Patrick Adams. Your backyard is your home away from home, your Zen, your Shangri-La. It can serve as a place of peace and calm, and a way to connect yourself, at least a little, with nature.

How to Start an Organic Garden 4/11/19 by Darlene Mase. Starting your own organic garden is the best way to ensure that you’re getting fresh, organic, and non-toxic crops each time.

Reasons to Start a Garden With Your Family 3/25/19 by Paisley Hansen. By starting the hobby of gardening with your family, you can offer many lessons and start good lifestyle choices for your children. If you're curious about starting a garden with your family, here are some reasons to consider doing it this spring and summer.

Eight Simple Ways to Attract Bees to Your Garden 3/18/19 by Kevin Rodrigues. Bees create magic. And that magic reaches us with the fruits, vegetables, and flowers we enjoy.

The Importance of Teaching Children to Garden 3/5/19 by Matt Hagens. Children find agriculture rewarding. There are very few activities that give real-life rewards. However, planting vegetables, fruit trees, berries, and flowers bestow a thrilling bounty.

Native Plants - Adding Beauty, Butterflies, and Birds to Your Backyard 8/22/18 by Shaina Froehlich. Creating a backyard landscape that attracts butterflies and song birds while creating a beautiful oasis for your family is still a paramount goal for homeowners.

Getting Your Workout in the Garden 3/22/18 by Sheila Olson. For an effective workout that connects you to the earth as well as your home, try gardening. This outdoor activity helps strengthen your body while contributing to the environment.

Charitable / Community Gardens

Community GardensCommunity/charitable gardens provide fresh vegetables and fruits to local food pantries. The Sandy Ridge Community Garden (Doylestown), sponsored by the Doylestown Mennonite Church. At least 50 percent of the produce from this garden is donated to local food pantries and soup kitchens.

Pebble Hill Community Organic Garden donates 90% of their fresh organic vegetables to a local food pantry through the Bucks County Opportunity Council. They are located at Pebble Hill Church 320 Edison-Furlong Rd, Doylestown, Church phone number 215-348-3428. The garden manager, Gretchen, is always looking for new folks to help out!

The Doylestown Health Community Garden was created in 2015 by two Doyle Elementary sixth-graders who wanted to start a garden to grow food for those in need. Doylestown Health will continue to help sustain and expand the gardens in years to come.

The Buckingham Township Community Garden started growing in 2012 thanks to the extraordinary effort by many dedicated volunteers and residents who maintained their individual plots. Food is donated to the Jesus Focus Ministry of Southampton, which struggles to feed over 800 people and gets very little support.

The New Britain Borough Community Garden began in 2013 for residents wishing to grow for their own use but also as part of a contribution to the New Britain Food Larder. This is an all-organic garden!

Founded in 2012, Hope of the Harvest is a community garden on the Delaware Valley University campus sponsored by Del Val, Opportunity Council and Philabundance. The garden’s inaugural year yielded 15,000 pounds of fresh vegetables that went directly to Buck’s County’s pantries in the Food and Nutrition Network (FaNN), which served Bucks County’s families in need.

The Richland Township Community Garden offers garden plots in our community garden which is located off Station Road. We have 16 plots, approximately 12x20 feet each.

The Conshohocken Community Garden is a membership-based organization that provides a community of common-interest members a space, education, and fellowship focused on sustainable gardening.

LaFarm in Easton (PA) has 35 community garden plots available for members of the Lafayette College community to rent. Plots are available first come, first served and must be managed with natural gardening practices. Each plot is maintained by the renter for you to grow all the veggies you care to eat (and share!).

The Northampton Community College Community Garden in Bethlehem, PA promotes sustainable agriculture and self-reliance using classes and community gardening.

The Clinton Township (NJ) Organic Community Garden was started in 2012 by a group of volunteers led by founder, Harmen Vos. We're situated on a picturesque parcel of township property once belonging to the White Cloud Orchid Farm neatly tucked away behind Bundt Park off Red School House Road. The garden offers 400 square foot plots for growing fruits and vegetables organically.

The Hunterdon County YMCA Community Garden is located at the Round Valley Branch in Annandale, NJ.

The American Community Garden Association provides a cool resource that will walk you through the steps to setting up a community garden in your neighborhood. CLICK HERE to find our more.

Local Gardening-Related Businesses